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South African Nature Resourse

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The Resourse for Nature
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Help Those Who Protect Wildlife in Africa. Inspire Others to Save African Animals

The leopard is at great risk in South Africa. The African leopard is the last of the Big Five to be roaming free outside of reserves and parks. And there may be far fewer left than most conservation data indicates. Anton manages a landmark research project designed to determine the true status of the leopard. Is it threatened or maybe even endangered?

It is crucial for the leopard’s survival that we know the answer. With your help Nikela supplies Anton with camera “traps”, tracking collars and other equipment needed for the research.

In South Africa many vervet monkeys are left orphaned. Silke is a rescue/rehab expert. She raises these babies, forms entire troops and gives them a second chance to live free.

However, as costs go up and more monkeys are brought to the center, Silke needs help saving the babies and educating others to do the same.

With your help Nikela provides funds so Silke can do rescue/rehab AND has time to educate the next generation of wildlife advocates and rehabbers.

South Africa has over 80 raptor species (birds of prey) many endemic to the region, many at high risk due to habitat loss and human-raptor conflicts. Shannon and her husband Ben are a powerful duo on a mission to preserve Africa’s birds of prey. Ben the rescue and rehabilitation expert, while Shannon an expert falconer and educator. Due to great demands, Shannon doesn’t have nearly the time she needs to expand the much needed in-school and community outreach.

We visited a high school only 30 miles away. The environmental science teachers and the Enviro Club students had never heard of or been to the sanctuary! Nikela’s very first project was to get them there to experience one of their local treasures, the birds of prey.

Much more of this is needed, that’s why we support Shannon and her work so more can be educated, so more will appreciate and thus protect the predators of the skies.

Rhino Poaching: What the Law is Doing to Stop it


Arrests, courts and convictions. Over 200 white and black rhino dead in South Africa since beginning of 2012. Killed for their horn. Animal poaching reached epidemic proprotions due to illegal trade, syndicates, organized crime, trafficking.

1   Link   South African Veterinary Council
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3   Link   SAAHA
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5   Link   Vra vir Faffa
6   Link   World Veterinary Congress
7   Link   Faculty of Veterinary Science of UP 




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