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South Africa Genocide


Help to Stop the Killing and Crime in South Africa,and to Stop the Farm killing in South Africa.
Whites are being purposefully targeted and viciously murdered in South Africa as the world is kept in the dark by the diversity brainwashing, anti-White media. I guess it's not Darfur, huh? When will YOU get the deal?

If the world could boycott South Africa for having separate racial development, should it not boycott the South African Government for the Genocide going on against White people in that country today?


Survivor's SKS Boards  

Deur Eugène Terre’Blanche , Tussen volmaakte sterre ,Hang ’n goudkleur maan
En ek grawe na herinneringe diep gebore ,Na die dwaalster se ontstaan



In watter vreemde nag ,Het die skitter ster uit sy baan ,Met groter glimkrag
Sy eie koers gegaan

Dwarsoor die melkweg se wit ,Het hy gillend en glimmend gegly ,In sy afdraande rit
By planete en sterre verby , Op die rand van die afgrond
Het Hy gestaan ,Met hande deur spykers verwond ,En Hy gryp my, want ek wou saam

  Die AWB volkslied 


Deur Eugène Terre’Blanche

Hoor die geknars , Hoor die geknars ,Hoor die geknars van voete op mars.
Hoor die gedreun Hoor die gedreun ,Hoor die gedreun ,oor velde heen.
Stryders op mars, ideale vervars ,wat skyn en veraad met veragting haat.
Brandende vuur wat geen knegskap verduur, maar gebore uit liefde en smart.
Bied ons weerstand, so gloeiend,gebrand in ons hart.O mag God ons bewaar
met die trek van die laer,om ons strydende land te bewaar. Ons sal werk, ons sal groei.
Ons sal veg, ons sal bloei,vir ons ou Boere land.

Die nuwe Suid-Afrika

Suid-Soedan skep verdere geleenthede

 Die afgelope naweek het Suid-Soedan die vier en vyftigste onafhanklike Afrika-staat geword.
Soedan was voorheen ‘n Britse kolonie, waar na Britse belange gekyk is en waar kunsmatige grense uiteindelik bepaal is. Lees verder...

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Steve Hofmeyr, Peter Mokaba and Fifa by solidariteitsa



WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS. This is a tribute to the 4000 + Farmers who were murdered in South Africa since 1991. These attacks happen daily in the so called new South Africa. Included are newspaper clippings, take note of the dates. These murders don't stop, most of the time nothing is stolen. Just plain MURDER. No one is safe, some of the people mentioned in this tribute were blind, the oldest was an old lady of 93, the youngest a baby of 6 months.

South Africa P.I.G.
This site is not for Children Viewing
Please See To it that Children Dont Enter this Site ...

Almost 14 years ago to the day, former president Nelson Mandela told journalists that press freedom would never be under threat in South Africa for as "long as the ANC is the majority party". That was on November 19 1997, but now all that looks set to change.... Today, the ANC of the Pirates of Polokwane wants to tell us as a country that Information about anything in government can be CLASSIFIED and if anyone brings corruption, looting or mismanagement of state resources to the attention of the public, that person will be arrested without being able to argue in court that their actions were out of public interest.

The Protection of State Information Bill steamrolled through Parliament by the Mandela government today will be the start of the end of accountability and transparency from our politicians and could lead to a DICTATORSHIP. This day marks the beginning of the end of our right to freedom of expression and information we cherish as a pillar of the constitution that guards our future...

I'm editing my post to compile a list of information and provide details to those wishing to raise awareness and prevent the genocide of whites in South Africa.

Genocide level raised to stage 6 in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, not only for whites but black refugees as well:

There have been numerous farm attacks and the South African police and ANC are actively targeting white South Africans.

Wikipedia information on farm attacks:

Farm murder memorial:

Website about farm murders: [Warning contains graphic content]

Farm murders in South Africa:


Remaining 2 stages of genocide:

Stage 7 - EXTERMINATION begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human. When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to do the killing. Sometimes the genocide results in revenge killings by groups against each other, creating the downward whirlpool-like cycle of bilateral genocide (as in Burundi). At this stage, only rapid and overwhelming armed intervention can stop genocide. Real safe areas or refugee escape corridors should be established with heavily armed international protection. (An unsafe “safe” area is worse than none at all.) The U.N. Standing High Readiness Brigade, EU Rapid Response Force, or regional forces -- should be authorized to act by the U.N. Security Council if the genocide is small. For larger interventions, a multilateral force authorized by the U.N. should intervene. If the U.N. is paralyzed, regional alliances must act. It is time to recognize that the international responsibility to protect transcends the narrow interests of individual nation states. If strong nations will not provide troops to intervene directly, they should provide the airlift, equipment, and financial means necessary for regional states to intervene

Stage 8 - DENIAL is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile. There they remain with impunity, like Pol Pot or Idi Amin, unless they are captured and a tribunal is established to try them. The response to denial is punishment by an international tribunal or national courts. There the evidence can be heard, and the perpetrators punished. Tribunals like the Yugoslav or Rwanda Tribunals, or an international tribunal to try the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or an International Criminal Court may not deter the worst genocidal killers. But with the political will to arrest and prosecute them, some may be brought to justice.

White South Africans and Zimbabweans can now be considered political refugees, hundreds have reportedly already left their countries under these circumstances and many more white African's have immigrated before such status was granted.

The South African and Zimbabwean governments have already been actively expropriating land from white farmers. Under ANC Black Empowerment Acts and special taxes whites are extremely disadvantaged in gaining employment. Many are living in poverty and in shanty towns.

This website contains much information on victims of the genocide:







A genocide in South Africa

To attain a goal through ideology you need two things: a vision for a better future but also a vision of terrible evil if the alternative to the vision is followed.  An ideology always benefits some elite groups, and the one-world ideology benefits multi-national corporations that get the mineral rights.  The process is very corrupt: Western governments appropriate tax money paid by their citizens and transfer it to elites in the Third World for the mineral rights to go to multi-national corporations; this also frees populations to be brought to the west as cheap labour and our work to be relocated where people live on subsistence wages.

Having encouraged wage-slaves from the Third World they publicly apologise for historical slavery!

There is racial genocide of the South African Boers taking place as I write and the Western media know all about it because they have agents and reporters there, but keep it from the outside world, presumably to allow it to go on.

It follows on from what was done to French Algerians, the Belgians of Congo, and the Portuguese of Angola and Mozambique, and what is happening in Zimbabwe.  All these peoples were violently forced off lands which their ancestors had occupied for centuries. It was done with the encouragement of the US and British governments and made possible by finance taken from their own taxpayers for the purpose.  What is behind this?  It is what is now called Globalisation, which is a euphemism for the attempt to create a New World Order.

African-ruled countries are a variation on a theme of total corruption, and it is a matter of time before South Africa collapses. The 3.5 million Whites remaining might slow that process but the end result is inevitable and Western elites and journalists must take responsibility. The chaos on the railways is an indicator. Locos are not turning up at coal mines to collect fully-loaded trains, and the power stations are out for coal. The electricity generating plants are fast deteriorating and break down regularly, and the country has been plagued with power cuts for the last few years. The ANC is still dominated by members of the South African Communist Party, they are anti-white racists, and they have a vigorous land confiscation programme on the statute books. Farmers and their families are regularly murdered.

These things are little reported in the west because the liberal-left media fully support the ANC as they fully supported Mugabe in 1980 and thereafter and for the realities to be broadcast by our media would demonstrate the real facts of African rule and destroy the unrealistic ideology of racial equality that they desperately need to believe in else their whole falls and their lives have been wasted.

The dream was Mandela accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for all who have opposed racism. It was awarded to him, the ANC and all South Africa’s people.  The reward was to be freedom and democracy in an open society which respected the rights of all individuals. This is the fantasy.  What is the reality?  Mass genocide of Boer farmers.

The genocide is happening on the farms where Boers are being murdered, but not just Boers, Indian farmers are also targeted; the targets are usually defenseless, especially old people.

The government does nothing to prevent attacks, so the farmers have begun to co-operate in mutual defence.  That the Black government wants Boers harmed and driven from their land as indicated by their programmes to force Boers to sell their property to blacks. These programmes are to remove a huge percentage of white farmers and can give these farms to blacks.

At the beginning of the decade there were 40,000 White farmers in South Africa and there have been is 3,037 murdered in racial genocide and more than 20,000 armed attacks perpetrated by groups of militant, young Black racists on commercial farmers, since the ANC came to power in 1994. This is certainly higher as the South African government and police, with the world’s press keep it covered up. Boers are often tortured or raped first, by boiling water forced down their throats, tendons cut, burnings,  personal humiliations - most perpetrators are protected by Blacks within government and the police and not tried.  Now ask yourselves, gentle readers, when did you see this on television news or read about it in your quality newspaper?

The idealism that accompanied the birth of new South Africa has been destroyed by black rule yet the rainbow nation is still a fantasy to Western elites. They need to believe in it or face the reality that racial equality does not exist. The dream of truth and reconciliation and the deification of Nelson Mandela make it hard to accept that after whites gave way to Blacks the Boer minority would be subjected to racial genocide.  Boers, you see,  have not been sentimentalised,  are not figures of sympathy but dehumanised as racists so their murder is not seen as important.

The SA government forbids the publishing of South African police crime statistics without their permission.  Media crime reports are vetted by the police. The world’s media want to pretend the new government is responsible or face the fact that races are not equal on one hand; on the other, to keep the overseas aid for mineral rights deals quiet.


Interpol’s global murder figures for South Africa are about double the number of “recorded murders,” the farm murder rate is four times the official South African murder average. The world’s leading authority on genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton of “Genocide Watch”, stated how serious the Boer genocide is in his 2002 report.

SA Blacks, especially ANC youth, still sing the old ANC resistance song “Kill The Boer”. This shows their purpose.  The Boer is just a farmer but the grudge goes on.  Boers are honest, taciturn people work who hard with their hands. Their children consider leaving but have no country to return to. The “Kill The Boer” slogan has been ruled hate speech by the SA Human Rights Commission because it incites people to kill Afrikaners.  But the ANC sing “shaya ma buru” at public meetings all over South Africa.  The UN Genocide Convention declared that ruling regimes killing ethnic minorities is legally genocide and could be pursued in the International Criminal Court.

The new rulers have imposed racial quotas that deny work to most young Afrikaners, whether or not they have the right qualifications. Mbeki’s programme of Black Economic Empowerment is called “rectifying action” -  Affirmative Action.  Thousands of ANC civil servants give preferential treatment to blacks over whites and even browns.  “Progress” plans are implemented, fines and other sanctions imposed.  In most cases it’s an unqualified or illiterate black who gets the job.  Whites are left with begging or emigration.

If the farmers are wiped-out the rest of South Africa and parts of southern Africa will be plunged into famine: as in Zimbabwe the Boer genocide may lead to the death of millions by starvation and outbreaks of Cholera.

Does anyone protest? 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu criticised Black Economic Empowerment, but because it enriches such a small minority of already powerful blacks not because it impoverishes the white minority. His world-famous moral indignation does not stretch that far. People put themselves first when community spirit breaks down and Afrikaner intellectuals want to keep their own jobs so conform to the black apartheid system like the Judenräte under the Nazis. Those who criticise Black Economic Empowerment are de-humanised as racists. Yet, the government replacing 35,000 commercial South African farmers by blacks is more than imposing job quotas in industry and commerce.  The farmers are landowners and have a special bond with their territory. The authorities are undermining that and the SAHRC has endorsed the withdrawal of commandos from rural areas to leave the Boers open to murder and banned the term “ farm attacks” from the SA Rural Protection Plan as it links the Boers to their land and makes clear what people are being targeted but these are now the more abstract “murders” which is vague and gives the impression that it could happen to anybody.

The Government is made an inventory of South Africa’s farmers by race to …

... monitor the patterns of land ownership as it implements land reform, the deeds registration system would be improved to reflect nationality, race and gender of land owners.

There has been legislation to make it possible for the government to expropriate assets summarily without having to apply in advance to a court. The ANC is rewriting the South African Constitution but not stating what its being replaced with.

In 1991 the White population of South Africa was 5.1 million however, as of 2007 the official White population of South Africa was its lowest of 4.2 million, even though millions of White refugees from other parts of Africa added to South Africa’s White population in recent years. Whites are persecuted and dispossessed for being White leaving them unable to afford council tax so they end up living in shanty huts in Black neighbourhoods which hate them because of their race. An example is the ‘Affirmative Action’ policy of the national school netball championships committee -  teams which do not have enough Black children have points given to the opposing side before the game has started!

This could develop into full scale racial genocide and ethnic cleansing like in Zimbabwe and the Belgian Congo before it which was another of the richest Nations in Africa but is now war torn.  The elites know the history but keep doing it to African countries.

The killings show savagery and brutality as most are tortured and die slowly and in agony yet in many of the murders, no property is stolen.  This shows a savage, uncivilised hatred for fellow humans that we can not comprehend but the authorities and international media pass it off as “crime related” when it is racial genocide.

It will continue to deteriorate for Whites, especially poor ones as Jacob Zuma could be next President.  He is openly racist,he has convictions for rape and embezzlement and he believes a shower can cure AIDS!

In 2006 there were 55,000 reported rapes in South Africa but official estimates are that another 450,000 rapes were not reported.  Therefore, about 1,300 women can be expected to be raped every day. A study by Interpol, the international police agency, revealed that South Africa has the most rapes in the world -  a women being raped every 17 seconds and this does not include the number of child rape victims.

Interpol estimated that one in every two women in South Africa would be raped. Raping children as a cure for AIDS is a vile practice. The Telegraph reported on 11 Nov 2001 that on an alleged rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote part of rural South Africa was part of an 80 per cent rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with the Aids pandemic.

More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Some of the victims were only six- months-old. Many die from their injuries, others contract HIV. The largest increase in attacks has been against children under seven. There is a prevalent superstition that having sex with children cures Aids. Police said at least one of the men who raped the nine-month-old girl is HIV-positive. The baby has also been tested for the virus and given anti-retroviral drugs as a precaution.

What can we do?  People can contact their democratic representatives and pressure them.  They can write to the media.  They can post on internet blogs and circulate the information round the net. They can point out that western elites are ignoring a genocide which they themselves brought about by forcing the change in governing class. They could demand motions be introduced in their respective parliaments urging the SA government not to abolish the SA rural Commando System and leave the Boers open to racial genocide for ideological reasons. They could demand that it be clear to the South African government that this genocide is now being publicised around the world, and call on them to condemn white ethnic cleansing and racial genocide of whites.


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